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Verstappen asked about budget cap: 'Speculations don't bother me'

Verstappen asked about budget cap: 'Speculations don't bother me'

06-10-2022 08:14 Last update: 08:36

There is an awful lot going on about whether or not Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin will exceed the budget ceiling in 2021. The eyes seem particularly focused on the former team, as Max Verstappen very narrowly won the battle for the world title in his favour last year. The 25-year-old Dutchman himself is calm about it.

During the press moments leading up to the Japanese Grand Prix, it was a hot topic. Lewis Hamilton expressed his hope that the rumours are not true, George Russell would find it unfair if Red Bull had more money to spend than Mercedes last year and the Ferrari drivers hope for a penalty if a violation is found.

Verstappen on exceeding budget ceiling

In Japan, where Verstappen could grab his second F1 world title this weekend, the Red Bull driver himself was also asked about the ensuing fuss. "The speculation about the budget cap does not bother me: it is a matter for the team, I can only concentrate on driving. That's all I can say, let's wait until Monday," was Verstappen's response at La Gazzetta dello Sport.

On Monday, the FIA's report will be brought out. It will then become clear whether Red Bull has been found guilty and how many millions were overspent in that case. More will also be known about penalties then. Until then, Verstappen will at least do everything he can to make the Japanese GP a success.

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