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Less grass, more asphalt at Suzuka during Japanese GP

Less grass, more asphalt at Suzuka during Japanese GP

05-10-2022 12:27 Last update: 13:32


Some minor changes have been made to the Suzuka circuit for the Japanese Grand Prix. After two years, the Japanese race is back on the calendar, so some changes are needed from F1.

Suzuka says goodbye to two gravel traps

These are three points that have been changed at the Japanese circuit. For the drivers, the changes will not be immediately very noticeable, but the changes will increase safety on the track. The least radical change is that part of the asphalt in the pit lane has been taken care of with anti-skid paint required by the FIA. However, the same point includes replacing the artificial grass with asphalt at turn 16. This reduces the drivers' risk in case of a mistake in this corner.

The artificial turf has also been replaced by asphalt in turn eight. However, it was decided to place double kerbstones at the exit of these corners to punish drivers who try to cut corners. Most F1 fans would prefer not to see the gravel pits and grass sections disappear and certainly not on such a characteristic circuit like Suzuka. Fortunately, not all the gravel beds have been removed for the upcoming GP. In fact, the latest change to the circuit is that the gravel pit on the left at turn ten has been extended.

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