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'Red Bull and HRC pitch engine plan for 2026 to Honda leadership'

'Red Bull and HRC pitch engine plan for 2026 to Honda leadership'

4 October - 10:56 Last update: 12:08

Honda seems intent on returning to F1 after all. The Japanese manufacturer is in talks with Red Bull Racing about its future and significant talks are said to have already taken place.

Honda has regrets

It is no secret that there are some doubts within Honda as to whether it was right to exit F1. The deal with Red Bull and AlphaTauri cost a lot of money, but now the Japanese manufacturer still supplies the engine, but outside of a small HRC sticker, it gets no recognition for the achievement. In fact, from 2022, the engine will be called the Red Bull Powertrain.

Honda is reportedly looking to expand its partnership with Red Bull again. The current deal between the two parties runs until 2025, after which the current engine regulations expire. Red Bull will continue to use the Honda engines until then, but in the meantime has its own engine factory in Milton Keynes.

From 2026, Red Bull would like to stand on its own feet with its own engine. Red Bull is open to working with other parties, but the failed deal with Porsche also shows that Red Bull does not want to work with another party at any cost. With Honda, however, serious talks now seem to be underway.

Red Bull back around the table with Honda

According to The Race Red Bull Racing and Honda's racing division, HRC pitched a plan to Honda's board on Tuesday. Indeed, there are said to be doubts at the top about a return to F1. The main question is how much money to put into it and what Honda will get in return.

HRC and Red Bull's new plan would focus on a division of labour. HRC would be interested in developing the hybrid part of the new engine, whereas Milton Keynes would like to focus on the internal combustion engine. In this way, the two parties can complement each other. Working on the hybrid part of the engine would also be in line with Honda's overall policy plan.

How the first meeting went on Tuesday is not known to the medium. What is clear, however, is that it is an important week for Red Bull and Honda. A world title for Max Verstappen at the Japanese Grand Prix might just provide that one push Honda's management needs to be convinced.

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