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F1 teams must sacrifice extended FP2 in Japan for Pirelli test

F1 teams must sacrifice extended FP2 in Japan for Pirelli test

4 October - 06:31 Last update: 08:31


The second free practice for the Japanese Grand Prix is half an hour longer than usual. Pirelli will be given time by F1 to test new tyres and this will be done with an extended FP2.

Pirelli is busy working on its new tyres for 2023 and is also testing them during several test days with the F1 teams. However, Formula 1 has now found another opportunity to help Pirelli get more data on its tyres. Indeed, in Japan and America, the second free practice session will be extended by half an hour to test the prototype tyre for 2023.

Testing for Pirelli

At The preview on the race weekend Suzuka, Pirelli reports that it is mainly about fine-tuning the tyre and the entire FP2 will be dedicated to the new tyre. Only teams that used a 'rookie' in FP1 will be allowed to use half an hour of FP2 to run their programme. All other teams must cooperate with Pirelli's programme. The tyres are easy to spot as they have no colour marking on the side of the tyre.

''An innovation for this year is the fact that we will be testing some 2023 prototype tyres during an extended free practice session on Friday afternoon, as we finalise the specification for next year with the end of this season approaching,'' Mario Isola said in the message. Besides VT2 in Japan, the second practice session in Texas will also be dedicated to Pirelli.

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