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Red Bull Racing shows unique strength again with fastest time in Singapore

Red Bull Racing shows unique strength again with fastest time in Singapore

3 October - 07:21


Red Bull Racing were not only fastest on the track, but also in the pit lane. No record times were set in Singapore, but Red Bull again showed which team is the best at pit stops.

The Singapore Grand Prix was particularly exciting due to the wet track, but this made performance in the pits slightly less important. Most teams only stopped once and the main issue was to find the right moment for slicks. This is also reflected in the times of the pit stops.

Red Bull are fastest again

Red Bull's record (2.09s) was never in danger. The Austrian racing team were fastest again though, but Max Verstappen's pit stop took 2.46s. It did not benefit Verstappen much, as he had to come in again five laps later after wasting his tyres on an ambitious overtaking move on Lando Norris.

A 2.80s stop for Perez allowed Red Bull to keep the Mexican in the lead. It was the sixth pit stop of the day and it earns Red Bull another 10 points in the battle for the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award. Further in the top ten, we find the pit stops of Mercedes, Aston Martin (2x), AlphaTauri, McLaren, Haas and Ferrari.

In the standings, Red Bull extended its lead even further as a result. The team now has 444 points, putting it 123 points ahead of McLaren. Ferrari completes the provisional podium, but at an appropriate distance from McLaren, at 109 points.

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