Hamilton resilient after mistake: I will recover

Hamilton resilient after mistake: "I will recover"

02-10-2022 17:05 Last update: 17:39


"My aplogies to the team, I will recover," said Hamilton to Sky Sports after a dissapointing finish to what could have been a good weekend for himself and Mercedes. 

In the end the Brit could only manage P9 but at one point it looked to be a great weekend for the seven-time world champion. 

"I think we started off with a pretty decent weekend," he said to Sky Sports. "I was trying, difficult to overtake and that lock up into turn 7, those things happen. Your heart sinks a little buit but you get back up again and try." 

But whilst there was a slim chance of salvaging a result, Hamilton admitted that he still thinks it would have been difficult to pass Sainz. 

"It would have been about who gets out on the slick first. It would have been slice and dice. I was hoping for that and that is what I was working towards (undercutting Sainz) but it all went out the window when I locked up." 

An unfortunate end to the weekend but they'll be positives to take heading to Suzuka next weekend as Mercedes continue on their road to recovery. 

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