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Brundle on Red Bull: It cannot impact on last season

Brundle on Red Bull: "It cannot impact on last season"

01-10-2022 20:28 Last update: 23:32

Red Bull Racing's alleged financial violation is the talk of the day in the Formula 1 paddock. While Ferrari and Mercedes are calling for "tough action" from the FIA, Martin Brundle thinks the whole thing is likely to end with a hiss.

Brundle does not think the FIA's investigation will have major repercussions. "I think it might all end up fading to black in I'm honest but we have to wait and see," said the Sky Sports analyst, but at the same time he stressed the seriousness of the issue. "Especially for companies, for example Mercedes, the corporate governance of an organisation like that is super important," he added.

Brundle sees grey area in budget cap

While Brundle stresses the importance of all F1 teams adhering to the imposed limits and being strictly monitored, he also points out that certain expenses fall into a grey area. "I can imagine there are a 100,000 little expenses that fall in grey areas. That are arguable," the former F1 driver continued.

However, if it is a clear breach, the British analyst believes there should be a severe sanction for it. There is talk here and there of points being taken away or disqualification from the 2021 championship, but Brundle says that is out of the question. "It cannot impact on last season, it would be nonsense to try to unravel that again," he concluded.