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Qualifying duels after GP Singapore | Verstappen loses for fourth time

Qualifying duels after GP Singapore | Verstappen loses for fourth time

1 October - 18:10 Last update: 23:25

Sergio Perez outpaced Max Verstappen during qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix for the fourth time this season. The Dutchman was actually well ahead, but due to not enough fuel in the tank, Verstappen had to abort his lap. Charles Leclerc also lifted the score to 13-4 in his duel with Carlos Sainz.

At Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, it has long been clear that Verstappen and Leclerc will win the direct qualifying duel. At McLaren and Williams, too, it is clear who will emerge victorious, namely Lando Norris and Alexander Albon.

At AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo, Yuki Tsunoda and Guanyu Zhou can at best even the score with five Grand Prix to go. Things are most exciting at Alpine, Aston Martin and Mercedes. Among these teams, there is a difference of three. Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are the favourites to come out on top but their teammates can still turn it around.

Qualifying duels after Singapore Grand Prix 2022

Red Bull Racing: Verstappen/Perez 13-4
Ferrari: Leclerc/Sainz 13-4
Mercedes: Hamilton/Russell 10-7
McLaren: Norris/Ricciardo 15-2
Alpine: Alonso/Ocon 10-7
AlphaTauri: Gasly/Tsunoda: 11-6
Aston Martin: Vettel/Stroll 9-6
Alfa Romeo: Bottas/Zhou 11-6
Haas F1: Magnussen/Schumacher 13-4
Williams: Albon/Latifi 14-2

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