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Marko puzzled by Wolff's knowledge: 'There must be a leak somewhere at the FIA'

Marko puzzled by Wolff's knowledge: 'There must be a leak somewhere at the FIA'

1 October - 11:59 Last update: 14:40


Like Christian Horner, Helmut Marko is also very outspoken about rumours that Red Bull Racing may have exceeded the budget cap in 2021. The Austrian finds it surprising that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff seems to have information that Red Bull does not even have yet itself.

Wolff revealed on Friday that he was aware of a minor breach and a fundamental breach by two Formula 1 teams. According to the Mercedes team boss, it is now an "open secret" in the paddock that two teams have exceeded the budget cap.

"I find it more than surprising that Toto Wolff is coming up with numbers that we don't even have yet. There must be a leak somewhere at the FIA and that is much more alarming. It is a huge reputational damage. Abu Dhabi is long gone. That they are still not over that is a bit strange," Marko told ORF.

Red Bull in talks with the FIA

The Red Bull advisor reveals in the interview that the FIA is currently in talks with his team to clarify several issues. "We are in discussion with the FIA on various points. For example, it is a question of whether some employees fall under the budget cap or not. We have various companies that don't work in a Formula 1 way, and some people have been transferred." From Red Bull's point of view, these employees then no longer fall under the budget cap.

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