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Capito hints at arrival of Sargeant instead of De Vries

Capito hints at arrival of Sargeant instead of De Vries

1 October - 09:23 Last update: 11:18


Jost Capito thinks Nyck de Vries deserves a seat in Formula 1. For now, he does not have one and Capito himself seems to be hinting that not De Vries, but Logan Sargeant will take over Nicholas Latifi' s free seat.

"It's not that simple," Capito replied to the NOS when asked why De Vries cannot take over Latifi's seat. "We are training young drivers and have to see if and when a junior can promote." In doing so, the German Williams team boss did say that the decision has long since ceased to be about money.

Sargeant seems a logical choice

Williams has been owned by US-based Dorilton Capital for several years. Formula 1 has been looking for an American driver for years. Sargeant is driving a strong rookie season in Formula 2 and seems to be on his way to scoring enough points for a super licence. This seems to make the American a dream candidate for the empty seat at Williams.

Capito agrees that an American driver is still missing from Formula 1. "But then such a driver has to perform well and that has been lacking in the past," said the 63-year-old German.

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