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Wolff does not understand Horner: That is an open secret in the paddock

Wolff does not understand Horner: "That is an open secret in the paddock"

30-09-2022 15:58


Red Bull Racing has reportedly exceeded its budget cap in 2021, potentially leaving a penalty hanging over the Austrian formation's head. While Christian Horner denied earlier in the day that this is going on, Toto Wolff adds at Sky Sports Adding to this.

The Red Bull team boss revealed that he knew nothing about a possible punishment and therefore dismissed the news as a rumour. Wolff looks at the situation differently, however, as the Austrian says he knows that the FIA's investigation is bigger than Horner suggests.

"It's funny that Christian said that, because it's been weeks and months that they are being investigated," Wolff says convincingly in the interview. He then uses an example to point out that Horner must know more. "He is not allowed to talk to his CFO (chief financial officer, ed.)."

Wolff on ongoing investigations in F1

Wolff notes that the FIA is taking the investigation seriously. "All of us have been investigated thoroughly and, as we understand, one team is being investigated for a minor breach that is procedural and another team that is fundamentally over. That is an open secret in the paddock."

Besides Red Bull, Aston Martin's name sounds as a team that may face a penalty. The FIA has several options for handing out penalties, so for now it remains to be seen what Red Bull will face.