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Wolff hopes for robust stance from FIA: 'Important that rules are policed'

Wolff hopes for robust stance from FIA: 'Important that rules are policed'

30-09-2022 13:47 Last update: 15:01


According to the latest reports, Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin would have broken the financial rules around the budget cap in 2021. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff reacts to the situation. The Austrian hopes the FIA will take a tough stance against teams that have not complied with the rules.

"The cost cap is probably the most important evolution of regulations to keep a level playing field to allow teams that haven't got the full budget to catch up and to put a ceiling on the spending of the top teams," Wolff begins in conversation with the BBC.

Red Bull itself has denied that the budget cap has been exceeded. Christian Horner has indicated he is not aware of any breach, while Helmut Marko is not worried about serious consequences. A comprehensive analysis on the teams' financial data is expected from the FIA next week.

Wolff hopes for tough stance FIA

"It is of huge importance for a demonstration that these regulations are policed and I have no reason to believe otherwise," the Mercedes team boss continues. Wolff, therefore, hopes that teams that broke the rules will be punished severely. "The FIA, particularly Mohammed [bin Sulayem, the president], has shown a pretty robust stance on enforcing all kinds of regulations. So if we are talking now about something big, he will show the same integrity and leadership that he has done before."