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Horner denies exceeding budget cap: 'There will always be rumours'

Horner denies exceeding budget cap: 'There will always be rumours'

30-09-2022 12:30 Last update: 14:59


Christian Horner has spoken out about the news that Red Bull Racing would have exceeded the budget cap in 2021. The team boss reveals that he is not aware of any breaches within his team.

It emerged on Friday morning that the FIA will release figures of the 2021 budget cap this week. Two teams are said to have gone over the limit, namely Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing. Max Verstappen's team is said to have significantly exceeded the limit.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Horner responds to the news. "Not aware of any breaches. The accounts were submitted in March, a long process with the FIA and we are in that process as we speak. Mid-next week is when they declare the certificates. Our submission was below the cap. It's down to the FIA to follow the process," the Red Bull team boss begins.

Horner denies exceeding budget cap

"It's a brand new set of very complicated regulations. How rules are interpreted and implied will be subjective between the teams. as years go by things will be tidied up. We are confident of our submission. There will always be rumours. I'm not aware of major breaches," Horner says. Red Bull denied in a statement earlier today that the team had exceeded the limit. According to Red Bull, reports at this stage are just speculation.