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Verstappen even stronger because of age: 'Worryingly for competition'

30 September at 11:32
Last update 30 September at 14:58
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Max Verstappen celebrates his 25th birthday on the Friday before the Singapore Grand Prix. The gentlemen of Sky Sports discuss the growth the Dutchman has experienced during his time in Formula 1.

Verstappen has been racing in F1 since 2015. At the age of 25, the Red Bull Racing driver is already on his way to his second world title in the sport. Anthony Davidson talks about the Dutchman's growth in the Sky Sports broadcast. At the start of his F1 career, Verstappen was constantly criticised for his aggressive driving style.

"He's a confident driver anyway. I just think it's that evolution, like Ted said he joined this when he was 17. We have watched him grow and mature. He came in and he was a bit of a crasher when he first arrived. People gave him an allowance of that because of his age and inexperience. He is still very feisty and I feel like, with age worryingly for the competition, even stronger," the Brit starts.

'Verstappen and Hamilton are a step ahead of everyone'

Last year, Verstappen beat seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and took home his first world title. This year, Hamilton is not competing for the title due to problems with the Mercedes car, but Paul di Resta is still impressed by the Briton. The Hungarian Grand Prix, where Verstappen and Hamilton both started further back, has stuck with him this season.

"It's crazy. Especially when you think he is up against Hamilton who is statistically the best driver we've had in the sport. Those two are a step ahead of anyone else. Relentless. The Grand Prix that sticks out to me when they were both on the top of their game, was this year in Budapest, both starting out of position," Di Resta adds.