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Red Bull Racing reacts to possible exceeding budget cap in 2021

Red Bull Racing reacts to possible exceeding budget cap in 2021

30-09-2022 09:55

Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin have responded to news that they would have exceeded the budget cap in 2021. For now, the teams deny that this is the case.

All through 2022, Red Bull Racing's updates are already being viewed with suspicion. According to Ferrari, Red Bull would not be able to develop so many updates at all with the budget cap. Ferrari itself has therefore already stopped developing because it is up against the cap. Mercedes is facing the same problem, but Red Bull seems to keep on developing.

Red Bull denies rumours

Auto, Motor und Sport managed to report on Friday morning that the FIA will bring out the 2021 budget cap figures later this week, and that in doing so, two teams have gone over the limit. These would be Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, where Red Bull would have significantly exceeded the limit.

This logically causes a lot of discontent among the competition, but Red Bull is unaware of any wrongdoing. According to Red Bull, the reports about this are "just speculation at this stage", BBC journalist Andrew Benson reveals on Twitter. Aston Martin also responded: ''We have submitted our 2021 reporting, we are in discussion with the FIA, and we are awaiting certification.''

Should Aston Martin and Red Bull have exceeded the budget cap, it is unlikely (much to the annoyance of Ferrari and Mercedes) to affect the outcome of the championship in 2021 or 2022. The teams would get off with a fine, also because determining the cost is open to interpretation.