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Leclerc contradicts Perez: 'I don't know'

Leclerc contradicts Perez: 'I don't know'

29 September - 15:46 Last update: 17:36


Charles Leclerc theoretically still has a chance to grab the world title, but the Monegasque has now also realised that this possibility is very small. Therefore, his main focus is on winning the last six Grands Prix. Leclerc hopes Ferrari will be strong this weekend in Singapore, although it remains to be seen how this will play out.

On behalf of Ferrari, the driver was the last to take a victory in a race weekend. However, that was a while ago, as the last five GPs all went to Max Verstappen. Leclerc's last win dates back to mid-July when he won in Austria.

Leclerc, therefore, realises that the Italian formation must focus first and foremost on its own performance and therefore not look too much at the results of others. "Just extract the maximum out of the car and show that we have grown," he assessed in conversation with Formula1.com.

Leclerc happy to be back in Singapore

Sergio Perez revealed earlier in the day that he expects a strong Ferrari, but Leclerc does not want to go along with this. According to the Ferrari driver, the free practice sessions should tell. "I don’t know… but I hope so. I love this track though, it’s one of my favourites with Baku and Monaco, all street tracks. So yeah, I was missing [being] here and I’m really happy to be back here."

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