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Latifi balks at Williams exit: 'I would like to stay in F1'

Latifi balks at Williams exit: 'I would like to stay in F1'

29 September - 12:43 Last update: 14:14


Nicholas Latifi is entering his final months at Williams. At the end of the season, both parties will part ways. The Canadian must therefore look for a new challenge, but first and foremost balks at the current situation. He told this to Sky Sports and others during the press conference.

Latifi had hoped to continue competing for Williams next season, but due to disappointing results, it seems better for the racing stable to opt for another driver. Alexander Albon's Teammate is still coping with the news.

"It's obviously disappointing news. I would like to stay in F1. It's what I worked for my entire life," Latifi said. "I would like to stay in F1. The pinnacle of motorsport but we know this sport is performance based."

Latifi reflects on future in motorsport

Behind the scenes, Latifi is currently contemplating his options, ruling out nothing for the time being. "I'm in the process of evaluating all the options. I need to decide what I want to work towards," said Latifi, who has raced for the British formation since 2020. Only last season did he manage to bring in points when the tally came to seven.

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