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LIVE | The second free practice for the 2022 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

LIVE | The second free practice for the 2022 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

30 September - 13:00

The Grand Prix weekend in Singapore has started and the lights for the second free practice are ready to turn green. Who has the best chances to win the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix? We will get some stronger clues in this session and we'll keep you up to date on the liveblog below. 

LIVEBLOG | Second free practice for the Singapore Grand Prix 2022


During the second free practice session, it is always essential for F1 drivers and teams to be on the track a lot. As the session time is the closest to qualifying and the race, the conditions are often equivalent. The drivers, therefore, run a key qualifying simulation and also a race run later in the session.

Red Bull and Ferrari are favourites again

At the cramped but fast Marina Bay Street Circuit, it is again between two teams. Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have been fastest all year and in all likelihood will be so in Singapore too. Max Verstappen is already hoping to secure his world title here, although the competition will want to put a stop to that. Mercedes will also be hoping to join the battle at the front this weekend, as Lewis Hamilton's team have yet to win a single GP this year. Singapore's second free practice session will be held at 21:00 local time.

The circuit characteristics seem to fall towards Ferrari. Red Bull Racing have been strong on the straights, but this corner rarely gives drivers time to relax. That being said, this weekend we'll get a really good indication on how strengths and weaknesses have changed through the year.  

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