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Singapore GP demands a lot from drivers: 'Can never take a breather'

Singapore GP demands a lot from drivers: 'Can never take a breather'

28-09-2022 12:37 Last update: 16:50


Andrea Ferrari, Charles Leclerc's trainer, explained how the drivers are preparing for the demanding race in Singapore. It is important that the drivers stay constantly hydrated during the sessions, otherwise the weight loss could lead to reduced physical performance.

"Over the Singapore Grand Prix race distance, a driver can lose up to three kilos in weight and that can lead to a significant drop in performance. To overcome this, the athlete must remain hydrated constantly throughout the race", the Ferrari trainer says on the team's website. Because drivers sweat so much, they also lose a lot of salt and calcium. These minerals are essential for muscle function, which can affect a driver's physical performance.

Ferrari also highlights the track's challenges. "It’s a traditional street circuit with the walls punishing the slightest lack of concentration. Furthermore, there are no long straights, so the driver can never take a breather, as it is only in a straight line that the heartbeat can slow down a bit to give the athlete a break."

Extreme preparation for drivers

To ensure that the drivers are as prepared as possible for the climate, they leave for Singapore as early as possible. The drivers are also training under extreme conditions, as we have already seen on social media over the past two weeks. Nyck de Vries, for example, showed on Instagram that he was in the gym in winter clothes. However, it is not yet known whether the Dutchman will have to fill in for Alexander Albon again next weekend.

The Singapore Grand Prix also follows a unique timetable, with the night race starting late in the day. The drivers therefore follow European time throughout the weekend. "Physically and psychologically, this race is much more straightforward than the following weekend’s race in Japan, when the drivers will have to get back onto local time", says the Italian.

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