'Porsche no longer interested in F1, surprising replacements are'

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28 September at 12:19
Last update 28 September at 16:49
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Porsche don't appear to be entering Formula 1. According to reports from Auto, Motor und Sport the German sports car brand has decided not to enter the sport after their botched deal with Red Bull. However, other new engine suppliers do seem to be waiting in the wings.

For a long time, it seemed that Red Bull and Porsche would enter into a partnership. With Honda having withdrawn as Red Bull's engine supplier since this season, the team would be looking for a new partner. The plan then was for Red Bull to develop their own engine under the name Red Bull Powertrains for the time being, and from 2026 Porsche would play a major role in engine development. New engine regulations go into effect in 2026, and so that would be a logical starting point for Porsche to join the sport.

But that deal collapsed earlier this month after the two parties could not agree on how much control Porsche would get. As well as becoming an engine supplier, the Germans would also want to own 50 per cent of Red Bull Racing's shares. That proved too much to ask, and so the deal fell apart. Porsche indicated at the time that they would continue to look around to see if it could gain access to Formula 1 by other means.

No Porsche, but other new entrants

Now even that idea seems to have been taken off the table. Auto, Motor und Sport claims that Porsche has lost its "appetite in Formula 1" after the failed deal, and so will not apply for 2026. Other teams have already signed up: Ferrari, Renault, Mercedes and Red Bull Powertrains, all of which also currently supply F1 teams, have of course already signed up, as has Audi, which is reportedly looking to team up with Alfa Romeo.

But besides that, there are other candidates lined up. Honda is often mentioned, partly also by Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. But according to AMuS, Hyundai and Ford are also said to be looking to join Formula 1. They would then only participate as engine suppliers from 2027. Other brands looking to join from 2026 should not wait too long: the deadline for application is 15 October this year.