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Leclerc makes promise: 'In the end nothing is impossible'

Leclerc makes promise: 'In the end nothing is impossible'

28-09-2022 08:53 Last update: 09:17


Charles Leclerc faces a seemingly impossible task six Grands Prix before the end of the season. Indeed, his gap with Max Verstappen is 116 points, making a world title virtually unattainable. Despite this, Leclerc does not want to give up just yet, he told streaming service DAZN.

Leclerc acknowledges that he has not made it easy for himself this year. Not only did his team make some crucial mistakes, he himself did not get off scot-free on several occasions. However, the Monegasque is trying to focus on the future. "It will be harder, but in the end nothing is impossible and I will fight until the end," he told the medium.

Both men have an extensive history with each other. For instance, Verstappen and Leclerc battled for years on the karting track, where things were sometimes fierce. Leclerc looks back on that period with a good feeling. "Max and I did not know we would go to Formula 1 at the same time," he says.

Leclerc on fierce battles with Verstappen

The driver finds it completely understandable that Verstappen and he will not always be happy with each other on the track. Leclerc starts from the principle that there is a different type of person in each car and therefore things can get fierce. However, according to Leclerc, that gives something extra to the fans, while the drivers have to maintain respect for each other.

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