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Brawn: 'For Hamilton, this year is a character test'

Brawn: 'For Hamilton, this year is a character test'

26-09-2022 16:34 Last update: 17:07


Lewis Hamilton narrowly missed out on his eighth world title in 2021. It soon became apparent that the Briton also failed to reach the gigantic score of eight titles in 2022. However, Ross Brawn thinks Hamilton has it in him to come back.

Along with Michael Schumacher, the Mercedes driver currently holds the record for most F1 titles. At the 2021 season finale in Abu Dhabi, the Briton practically had his eighth champion in hand, but with just five laps to go, fate struck and Max Verstappen ran away with his first title. This year, Verstappen looks set to take the title again, but Hamilton has no chance in the 2022 season.

'Hamilton will come back'

F1 chief and former F1 team boss sees this year as a challenge for Hamilton, but is confident of the Mercedes driver's resilience. Speaking to F1-insider.com Brawn says: "Lewis is in the twilight of his career, but that does not mean it is already over. For an extreme long time this year, he had a car he couldn't win with. He has put a lot of energy into changing that. This time is a kind of character test for him. It may well be that his team-mate George Russell is hungrier in the races as a result. "

Brawn repeatedly compared Verstappen and Hamilton to Schumacher, and even now the F1 chief compares the two seven-time world champions. According to Brawn, like Schumacher once was, Hamilton is capable of taking on a leadership role within the team and rebuilding. Therefore, Brawn concludes, "Lewis will come back, I am convinced of that. As will his team. I believe this period will make them stronger. I know that from my own experience."