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Brawn admires Verstappen: 'Max is the benchmark'

26 September at 15:12
Last update 26 September at 17:06
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Max Verstappen has no size limit this season. The Dutchman is fast on his way to his second world title and possibly some records this season. Ross Brawn, Formula 1's sporting director, looks on with admiration.

Brawn spoke to F1 Insider about Verstappen as well as Michael Schumacher, the German with whom he enjoyed great success at Ferrari. Not for the first time, Brawn cited the similarities between the two drivers.


Brawn says he rates Verstappen very highly. "His dominance at Spa reminded me of Michael Schumacher at his best. When you have a perfect car and drivers like Michael or Max in the cockpit, they drive like they are on another planet. Then, as a spectator, you feel this certain magic. You have to remember that there is always another driver with the same car who cannot make that difference. Of course we want hard battles for the lead with many drivers. But at the same time, don't we want to see the magicians who stand out from the rest?"

Schumacher dominated Formula 1 for years. For fans of Verstappen, that is an ideal image. For fans of other drivers, an abomination. Brawn was therefore asked whether anyone can threaten Verstappen in the coming period? "Max is without doubt the benchmark. Just like Michael. The future will show whether he can make the most of a race day when the car is not so good. That was one of Michael's many strengths. But Max is still young and seems to have taken a step in the right direction in this too."