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Herta in F1? 'The last chapter on this has not been written'

Herta in F1? 'The last chapter on this has not been written'

26-09-2022 14:33 Last update: 15:17


Colton Herta cannot make his dream move to Formula 1 next season because he has too few points for a super licence. But what is not can still come. In the United States, they keep high hopes, as does Bobby Epstein. He is the promoter of the US Grand Prix in Austin.

For the Circuit of the Americas, as well as the Grands Prix in Miami and Las Vegas, an American on the grid would mean an extra dimension. “I don’t think the final chapter has been written on that story yet," Epstein told The Race“So, I hope we see him in Formula 1 in the future, even though it may not be next year. I’d love to see him on the grid – especially being in a team that’s competitive. That’s equally important.”

Sargeant as replacement?

It is not completely out of the question that no American will drive in Formula 1 next season. Logan Sargeant is a candidate for the remaining seat at Williams, although Sargeant too is not yet sure of a super licence. However, Epstein thinks it is more important for Formula 1 and the US market to get a driver who has made his name in the United States. Sargeant is unknown to the general public in America, having competed in European-focused racing classes.

“And no one has pointed out the difference! It’s a big difference if you come through (via US racing)," Epstein believes. He refers to Alexander Rossi, the last American in Formula 1. In his home country, hardly anyone knew him then. “Because Alexander came through the other direction and wound up in IndyCar, right? And people didn’t notice Rossi there (in F1). So that would be unique. And that would be really helpful if they came through IndyCar rather than the traditional F1 feeder series."