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Vettel critical of F1 climate targets: 'Sounds nice, not much substance'

Vettel critical of F1 climate targets: 'Sounds nice, not much substance'

26-09-2022 11:42 Last update: 11:48


Sebastian Vettel has been critical of Formula 1's self-imposed climate targets. In an interview with the German AMuS the Aston Martin driver denounced the sport's attitude and lack of concrete ideas.

Vettel's commitment to environmental and climate protection has long been no secret. The German has certainly not shied away from his activism, which might be hard to reconcile with a career as a Formula 1 driver. Formula 1's goal of being climate-neutral by 2030 should therefore be great news for Vettel, but the four-time world champion is rather sceptical about the implementation of these plans.

Carbon offsets

The core of Formula 1's approach lies in so-called 'Carbon offsets.' This means offsetting the CO2 you emit in other ways, such as planting new trees or protecting existing forests. Formula 1 is not the only organisation that uses this, several governments or companies like Shell also use this system to become climate neutral. The criticism is often that companies only use this so they don't have to change anything about their emissions, but can still say they are doing their best.

Will it be taken seriously?

Vettel also questions whether the targets are really being taken seriously. The calendar for next year's F1 season features a record 24 races, with many more travelling overseas. Also, no plans have been presented for the use of synthetic fuel (also known as e-fuel), and it is not clear what the consequences will be if the targets are not met. According to Vettel, none of this really shows perseverance.

"If Formula 1 controls itself, that's a nice slogan, but not exactly credible. In the end, it is important that you are also willing to make less profit if it allows you to take credible steps. It all sounds very nice, but in terms of content it is fairly empty."

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