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Verstappen expects no problems in Singapore like in Monaco

Verstappen expects no problems in Singapore like in Monaco

25-09-2022 12:05 Last update: 13:21


Max Verstappen is not worried about having to deal with an RB18 that does not turn in tight enough in Singapore. Earlier this season, much to his frustration, the Dutchman already had problems with that in Monaco and Baku. For the race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, that problem will not occur, he expects.

Verstappen initially found the RB18 too slow in the corners. Since then, the car has been developed to be strong at the front and a bit less stable at the rear, and that is exactly to Verstappen's liking. Whether the 24-year-old therefore sees the upcoming weekend as a test to gauge progression? "Well, at the beginning of this year the car was mostly overweight. That overweight was just in the wrong place, so our car tended very much towards understeer," he says in conversation with the Dutch branch of Motorsport.com.

Lighter car

Pierre Waché, Red Bull's technical director, previously explained that the RB18's overweight meant that the front end was part of the tuning. Now the bolide has become a lot lighter. Therefore, Verstappen is confident that the same problem will come up again in Singapore.

Bumpy track

Verstappen is just not sure yet and it could just be that the team could run into other things this time. They have already been away from the race, due to the cancellation of the race due to the corona pandemic. Verstappen says that normally the track there is very bumpy so you have to look extra carefully at the set-up. This year, that is an even bigger question mark because they have yet to see how these new cars react to the bumps.

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