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Todt saw Formula 1 wasting time making sport safer

25 September at 10:52
Last update 25 September at 13:20
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Jean Todt experienced up close in his life how difficult it sometimes is to make changes in Formula 1. The former FIA president says in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport that it took him, for example, to introduce the halo.

With many fatal accidents occurring in the past, the FIA has been working for years to make the motorsport class safer. In doing so, it decided, among other things, to make a halo mandatory from the 2019 season. The titanium part of the car proved several times in recent years how important it is.

"It is not always easy, because people don't like to change," Todt said of proposing improvements. "The moments that reminded me of the halo were the one with (Felipe, ed.) Massa in Budapest and the one in which (John, ed.) Surtees' son lost his life."

"People didn't want it, the halo. I asked the engineers: 'Does this thing save drivers' lives?' 'Yes', they replied. So I imposed it. All we can say is that we wasted some time on it."

Todt has confidence in Leclerc

Todt, also a former Ferrari team manager, is still keeping an eye on the Italian racing stable's performance. According to the Frenchman, Charles Leclerc has everything to be successful in the coming years, but the team needs to be patient with the driver.