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Andretti on negative reactions: 'Don't know why that wouldn't be good'

Andretti on negative reactions: 'Don't know why that wouldn't be good'

24 September - 12:50 Last update: 24 September - 12:50


Andretti Racing is still not giving up the dream of becoming the 11th Formula 1 team on the grid. However, the team does not seem to be welcomed with open arms, but the Americans are going ahead with their preparations.

Mario Andretti's son has submitted the necessary paperwork to the FIA to enter F1 in 2024. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about a possible entry of Andretti. Among others, Toto Wolff and Stefano Domenicali have expressed doubts about the added value of an eleventh team on the grid.

In an interview with PlanetF1 Andretti let it be known that the work on an F1 entry is still going on. "We’re working every single day on this project, with the intention to be on the grid in 2024. We’re preparing as if we were given the go-ahead. We’re certainly not giving up."

Andretti has 'good intentions'

Andretti is disappointed by the negative reactions. The American does not understand where the reactions are coming from, but the team remains just as motivated to make the move to F1. "Our intentions are good for the sport. I don’t know why that investment wouldn’t be good, especially when you’re looking at a season going to 24 races next year, where it’s going to be such incredible stress on all the teams."

The most recent new team to come to F1 was the American Haas team. Meanwhile, the rules surrounding an F1 entry have become stricter. For instance, the sport charges a huge amount for the entry fee alone.

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