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News delayed: 'Talking at least about October, if not later'

News delayed: 'Talking at least about October, if not later'

24 September - 08:51 Last update: 11:12


Williams announced this week that it will not continue with Nicholas Latifi next season. Due to the Canadian's departure, the British formation has to look for a replacement. Although Formula 1 has only six Grands Prix left to go, Felix Görner does not expect the decision to be made any time soon, he told at RTL Deutschland.

Besides Williams, three teams still have a spot to be allocated. Alpine, Alfa Romeo and Haas also have yet to announce who they will field as a second driver. At Williams and Haas, it is unclear which driver is most in the picture.

According to Görner, this will take some time. "The same drivers who go for interviews at Haas also do so at Williams," the Formula 1 journalist explained. "Therefore, both Günther Steiner and Jost Capito will not make any hasty decisions. So we are talking at least about October, if not later."

Schumacher hopes for longer stay at Haas

Mick Schumacher is still hoping he will be allowed to stay in 2023. In his first season at Haas, he remained scoreless, but this year he is already doing better. However, it remains to be seen whether this is enough, as his teammate Kevin Magnussen has provided more points.

Görner thinks there is still hope for him, although Schumacher will have to deal with several competitors. "It will not be easy for him at Haas and Williams, but at least he is on the list. That means Haas is not out of it yet."

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