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Spanish IndyCar driver: Why not give Formula 1 a try?

Spanish IndyCar driver: "Why not give Formula 1 a try?"

23 September - 16:45 Last update: 17:01


Alex Palou has had a successful year. Indeed, he managed to win the IndyCar Series in 2021. However, the Spanish racing driver is keen to take the next step and hopes to enter Formula 1 soon, he told Formula1.com.

Just last week, Palou was allowed to complete a test with Patricio O'Ward for McLaren. Although he made a good impression at the British racing stable, it is not yet feasible for him to join McLaren next season. Indeed, alongside Lando Norris, it will challenge Oscar Piastri in 2023.

Palou hopes for Formula One opportunity

Despite this, Palou feels he is ready for the motorsport class, putting his hopes on the remaining teams in Formula 1. Palou sees the test at McLaren as an opportunity to show himself, after which he will have to wait and see what comes next.

"When you win IndyCar, the biggest goal I had ever set myself, then the doors open a little bit more," Palou says. "I believe that we have proven in the United States that we can be really fast on ovals, in the Indy 500, we won the championship… Why not give Formula 1 a try?"

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