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'Red Bull Racing wanted Herta to race in DTM'

'Red Bull Racing wanted Herta to race in DTM'

21-09-2022 13:54 Last update: 14:37


Red Bull Racing had wanted to create a big surprise this weekend. But at the last minute it will not go ahead after all: Colton Herta will not drive in the DTM next weekend.

The website Motorsport-total has some remarkable news. Red Bull secretly planned a surprise appearance by Herta in the German championship, which visits Austria's Red Bull Ring next weekend. The guest start had already been requested and approved, but was eventually withdrawn. To the website, the AF Corse team - for which Herta would drive - also does not deny that Herta would step in.

Question mark

Why Herta's entry did not go ahead after all is as yet a mystery. Possibly it has to do with Red Bull abandoning efforts to put Herta in the AlphaTauri next season. Meanwhile, it is known that the American will not be granted an exception to come to Formula 1, while he does not have enough points for a super licence.

Moreover, putting Herta in DTM would not have allowed him to accumulate extra points for his licence. In fact, guest drivers cannot claim such points in this class.