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Winter tests again in Bahrain: here are the dates!

Winter tests again in Bahrain: here are the dates!

21 September - 12:15 Last update: 14:35


The 2023 season starts on 5 March with the Bahrain Grand Prix. Winter tests are also scheduled at the same venue next year, as was the case this year.

According to journalist Erik van Haaren of the Telegraaf, it is now known when these tests will take place. There would be three days of testing, from 23 to 25 February, he informed via Twitter.

Test in Barcelona

In principle, a first test elsewhere is already scheduled prior to the test in Bahrain. The location - with Barcelona being the most obvious - is still unknown, just as it is not yet clear when this test would be finished.

Van Haaren let it be known in the same Tweet that no decision has yet been made on the number of sprint races. The F1 organisation reportedly wants to hold sprint races at six venues. But it is also possible that it will be three again, as in 2022.

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