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Official | Monaco GP and F1 extend contract for several years

Official | Monaco GP and F1 extend contract for several years

20-09-2022 17:12 Last update: 19:08

It was highly uncertain whether the Monaco Grand Prix would be retained for Formula 1, but it has now become clear that the contract has been opened up until 2025. That means we will be able to enjoy at least three more weekends in the Principality.

Liberty Media let slip several times in the past period that continuing to race through the streets of Monaco was not just a sure thing. The Grand Prix is, of course, a historic event, but that was not just a reason for the owner of the king class to sign a new multi-year commitment.

It came at them with a lot of criticism from drivers and team bosses. Indeed, they all almost unanimously agreed that legendary tracks like Monaco and Spa-Francorchamps should not simply disappear from the F1 calendar in favour of new tracks in the Middle East where there is more money.

So while Monaco is assured of a spot on the Formula 1 calendar until 2025, Belgium is guaranteed a spot on the calendar only for 2023. After that, Liberty Media plans to replace the race at Spa with a trip to South Africa.

Monaco and Formula 1 extend the contract