Constructors working hard: 'It will soon be 2026'

Constructors working hard: 'It will soon be 2026'

18 September - 12:19 Last update: 13:18

For the next few years, the engines in Formula 1 are 'frozen'. That means there will be no further development until a completely new concept makes its entrance into Formula 1 in 2026. It has recently become known what conditions this new generation of engines must meet.

Hywel Thomas, responsible for Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, thinks the changes now laid down are still quite broad. He tells Speedcafe that this is actually about a totally new powerplant. His team is looking forward to the challenge of further electrifying the engine. “And then, of course, to go with that, the reduction in output of the combustion engine, but the conversion over to running with sustainable fuel is going to be another challenge."

Transferring people

Mercedes has put together a project team working on the new engines. “We continue to push very hard into our existing programmes as well. There are a couple of projects coming to an end, such as the Formula E, which means we’re able to move some other people over to the 2026 programme, which is exciting."

Red Bull Powertrains is also already hard at work on the new engine. “Whilst it seems a long way away, it’s still effectively tomorrow in engine terms", as Christian Horner describes the pressure his team is facing. "There has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, going backwards and forwards over these regulations, but it’s not just the technical specification; it’s the sporting regulations and, of course, the introduction of the financial regs."

“But I think that it’s good to have that clarity now to be cracking on for 2026.”

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