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Red Bull and Porsche deal off the table: 'They won't be shareholders'

Red Bull and Porsche deal off the table: 'They won't be shareholders'

5 September - 07:17


The deal between Red Bull Racing and Porsche is in doubt. Helmut Marko told F1-insider.com that the German brand will not become a shareholder of Red Bull.

Verstappen will not get what he wants

For a long time it seemed certain that Porsche would make its entrance into F1 from 2026 at Red Bull Racing. That is when the new engine regulations start and that is the ideal time for Porsche to step in. Max Verstappen would also be a big fan of the German brand. However, there seems to be a hitch now.

While Audi has already announced their entry as an engine supplier from 2026 onwards, Porsche has not yet made this clear. Everyone thought that the cooperation with Red Bull would be confirmed soon and Audi already announced at its presentation that Porsche also wanted to be active in F1 on behalf of the Volkswagen Group. The question is where?

Porsche to McLaren?

Porsche wants to take over fifty per cent of Red Bull's shares, but the Austrian brand does not want to do so. Porsche will not become a shareholder of us'', Marko told the German media. The energy drink giant does not need money for an engine project either, because they have enough in Milton Keynes.

With both parties refusing to budge, a future deal seems out of the question. F1 Insider reports that Porsche does want to enter F1 and is possibly looking at a partnership with McLaren. However, the entrance there will not be so easy either. McLaren kept the door closed for too much control of Audi.

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