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Marko praises Verstappen: 'You would think it would affect him'.

Marko praises Verstappen: 'You would think it would affect him'.

04-09-2022 17:22 Last update: 17:31


Helmut Marko sounds more than satisfied after Max Verstappen's victory at the Zandvoort circuit. Speaking to Viaplay, the Red Bull Racing advisor explains what makes the Dutchman so special.

"First of all, his unbelievable speed, his talent, and his coolness. To be in such a crowd, you'd think it would affect him, but he was focused on the race and he did an unbelievable job to not make any mistakes," Marko begins.

Last year Verstappen was under a lot of pressure in the title fight against Mercedes. Now that the Dutchman has won his world title, he seems more relaxed. Also, the battle with Ferrari is not as intense as the one in 2021. Verstappen has a huge advantage in the driver's championship over Charles Leclerc. Marko thinks his driver will go down in the history books as one of the greatest drivers in the sport.

Verstappen impresses

"I think part of it is how Jos trained him in go karting, so he was used to holding stand against the toughest pressure. Now after his first championship win, he is so relaxed. It looks like it’s easy-going. I think he will be one of the greatest in Formula 1," said the Austrian.

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