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Ricciardo on failure with McLaren: As a collective we didn't get it right

Ricciardo on failure with McLaren: "As a collective we didn't get it right"

25-08-2022 15:21 Last update: 16:30


Daniel Ricciardo is the talk of the day in the Formula 1 paddock. McLaren announced prior to the Belgian Grand Prix that it would be bidding an early farewell to the Australian, who is expected to make way for his compatriot Oscar Piastri. Ricciardo admits that his time at the British stable has not gone as he had envisaged and is exploring his options for 2023.

In the press conference, broadcast by Sky Sports, Ricciardo acknowledged that things were just not working out with McLaren. "It's not the result we wanted in terms of when I joined the team and the outcome wasn't desired. As a collective we didn't get it right," he explained. This despite the effort that he and his team have put into the search for the cause of the disappointing performance.

Ricciardo would consider sabbatical

The McLaren driver admits that too many weekends were a 'struggle' and that is how the decision came about. He is not happy with his team's decision, but finds comfort in knowing he has tried everything to make it work. "Sometimes you have to accept that I tried and it didn't work out. From that point of view, I don't look back and think I was slacking off," he continued.

Despite all this, Ricciardo still loves the sport and has no intention of throwing in the towel. "After all this, there's a weight off the shoulders," he admits. The Australian hopes that a great opportunity will present itself in F1, but does not rule out other options. A sabbatical is also a possibility. "If it made sense, yes," he says. However, the premier class of motor sport remains the main goal.