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Schumacher sees problem in Germany: 'Sell Verstappen as German'

Schumacher sees problem in Germany: 'Sell Verstappen as German'

23-08-2022 18:32 Last update: 20:53


The German Grand Prix has long been part of the Formula 1 calendar. Now, however, the sport is in danger of losing popularity in the country, something that worries Ralf Schumacher. According to the expert, motorsport has become too expensive.

In the days of Michael Schumacher, F1 was incredibly popular in Germany with fans and the media. With Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg, the country also had two talented and successful drivers in the sport.

It seems that the German GP will not be on the calendar for the time being and there is even a danger that there will be no German driver left in the sport in 2023. Vettel is retiring at the end of this season, while Mick Schumacher is uncertain about his place in the sport.

Lack of German talent

Schumacher is aware of the situation. "Then we should sell Max Verstappen as a German," jokes the former F1 driver at Sport1. "It's clear that Formula 1 and the rest of motorsport has a problem in Germany."

According to the German expert, there is also a lack of talent in the country. "Motorsport has simply become far too expensive. In many other countries, it is therefore subsidised by the state. Not so in Germany. Therefore, it is no wonder that there are hardly any talents left who have what it takes to make it to Formula 1," Schumacher ends.