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Verstappen explains: That's when you can make the difference

Verstappen explains: "That's when you can make the difference"

23-08-2022 15:43 Last update: 17:04


With nine races to go in the 2022 Formula 1 season, Max Verstappen has built up a huge lead over Charles Leclerc. The battle is not yet over, but the Dutchman seems to be fast approaching his second world title. In conversation with Express the championship leader explains which moments make the difference for a driver hoping to distinguish himself from the rest.

According to Verstappen, the biggest difference can be made in difficult circumstances or when just that little bit extra is needed to beat a rival team. The ability to cope with pressure is an important factor. "There are so many good drivers out there in the world, but because of random luck or just circumstances they didn’t get to drive in Formula One," the Dutchman begins.

Where Verstappen makes the difference

The difference between the good and 'very good' drivers who did reach F1 is made in decisive moments, according to Verstappen. "If it’s a rain race or in general very difficult conditions, or in a very important qualifying session, to be up there. That’s when you can make the difference. Or score just a little bit more points than, let’s say, your teammate," the reigning world champion says.

Verstappen has been hard to fault in the current F1 season, as Sky Sports analyst Karun Chandhok pointed out. The Red Bull Racing driver has won eight of the thirteen races and heads into the second half of the season with a very comfortable lead over title rival Charles Leclerc.