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Norris takes a jab at Ricciardo in poem to McLaren

Norris takes a jab at Ricciardo in poem to McLaren

18 August - 18:50 Last update: 21:59


Lando Norris has signed a long-term contract with McLaren, where the young Briton will remain until at least 2025. This is in stark contrast to the situation of his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, whose time with the Woking-based team seems to be coming to an end. That contrast already seems to be hinted at in the recently surfaced yearbook entries that the drivers left for their team in 2021.

Ricciardo cites in his message that there were great highs, but that he also went through "pretty testing times" in his first year at McLaren. "This is the stuff I live for and thank you for being there with me from day one," the Australian adds. "I've bloody loved it."

Norris writes poem to McLaren

Whereas Ricciardo keeps his message short and sweet, his teammate has devoted a whole A4 to it. Norris even starts his message in verse, but stops rhyming halfway through. Although the love for his team shines through, he prefaces his message with a little sneer. "I came here to win, but this year I didn't (I let Daniel)", is the first sentence.

Norris is referring to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, where tempers flared between title rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton and the two crashed together off the track. Ricciardo then took the lead with Norris in his wake, but the latter was instructed not to overtake his teammate.

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