Audi seems to be in no hurry to make final announcement of F1 entry

Audi seems to be in no hurry to make final announcement of F1 entry

18 August - 13:49 Last update: 21:20

Last week, the FIA World Motor Sport Council announced that the engine regulations for 2026 have been approved. With that, everything is black and white and nothing will change anymore. Porsche and Audi, part of the Volkswagen Group, therefore know where they stand, although the latter does not seem to be in a hurry to announce their entry into Formula 1

Audi and Formula 1

It would have to be very strange for Audi to suddenly pull the plug on its F1 project. To make the exit final, there are still some formalities to be completed. Due to the holiday period, this may take some time.

"The adopted regulations are now being studied in detail. It is not necessary to come up with a decision in the short term. The new regulations were adopted during the summer holidays. Some decision-makers, including management, are not present due to the holidays," an Audi spokesman told SID.

The FIA regulations stipulate that brands wishing to join have a maximum of fifteen days after the new rules are confirmed. For Audi that means they have just under two weeks left, but the Germans don't seem to be feeling any pressure."As far as we understand, the registration process of the engine manufacturers for the 2026 season has not yet started," he said.

Exactly how the fork in the road will be established is not entirely clear. However, it seems to be a certainty that Audi can be admired in the premier class of motorsport from 2026.

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