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Little confidence in Mercedes season: 'That's what experience shows'

Little confidence in Mercedes season: 'That's what experience shows'

18-08-2022 08:01 Last update: 09:51


After a disappointing start to the season, Mercedes is hoping it can still fight for victories after the summer break. The scenario sounds strange to Jean Alesi, as he explains in conversation with Give Me Sport.

Whereas the team of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell struggled to keep up with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing at the start of the season, in Hungary the drivers showed the formation has grown. With a second and third place they could be more than satisfied.

Can Mercedes fight for GP victory?

Mercedes hopes to continue the line at the Belgian GP and secure at least one GP victory in the autumn. Alesi wonders if this is even possible under normal circumstances, as the team fell behind the competition early in the season.

"By experience when a car is born with problems, you’re not able to fix it," the former Formula One driver said. "I don’t really believe they are able to be a winning team winning Grands Prix before the end of the championship under normal circumstances."