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Vettel comes up with solution to improve sustainability in F1

Vettel comes up with solution to improve sustainability in F1

18-08-2022 06:56 Last update: 09:48


In recent years, Sebastian Vettel has been calling more and more attention to sustainability within Formula 1. During the World eX, an e-sports championship, the German goes deeper into the subject and even suggests some solutions. This can be seen at the YouTube channel of the event.

The four-time world champion is, together with Lewis Hamilton, a champion of climate action. Both drivers believe that Formula 1 must also do a lot to become more sustainable. The organisation has taken a number of steps in this direction in recent years. However, Vettel thinks there is more to do and points to spectator travel.

"Obviously, how people get to the event, public transport is not just a big topic in general but also coming and going from events," Vettel explains. "In the end we need to take some of the sort of turnover or money Formula 1 in particular makes and try to reinvest to the promoters and give them the chance to decide for a better, greener, cleaner solution when it comes to handling crowds and dealing with the event."

Post-career opportunities for Vettel

While Vettel will be quitting the motorsport class after the current season, he already has several offers in front of him. Not only is Stefano Domenicali interested in his services, Formula E is also keen to welcome him. For now, however, Vettel is keeping his future in the balance.