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Alesi points to positive progress at Ferrari: 'That is more important'

Alesi points to positive progress at Ferrari: 'That is more important'

17 August - 17:42 Last update: 18:35


Although Ferrari have had a poor first half of the season, Jean Alesi believes the team's performance should be seen as progress. According to the former Formula One driver, the Italians need a little more time to get back into the championship race.

The last time Ferrari took home at World Championship was in 2008. This season, the Italians have a serious chance of winning the championship. Although they enter the second half of the season well behind Red Bull Racing. The question is whether Ferrari can still make things difficult for Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

Alesi believes Ferrari have made progress this season. Especially 2020 was a disaster year for the team, as the Italians only finished sixth in the constructors' championship. Therefore, the positive points must also be looked at.

Ferrari needs time

"They are fighting with a group like Mercedes, or, obviously, Red Bull, who in the last twelve years, they have won everything and so this fine tuning to be competitive, not only with the car, but also on the racetrack, we will take time", the former F1 driver tells Give Me Sport.

Alesi acknowledges that the team has made the wrong decisions at the wrong times. A small mistake can have a big effect in the championship, but Ferrari has no more experience in the battle for the championship. "What I have to say is it’s more important to have a fast car, and then to fine tune the team."

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