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'To sack Binotto would be absolutely the wrong way of thinking'

'To sack Binotto would be absolutely the wrong way of thinking'

16 August - 14:28 Last update: 17:03


It is clear that Ferrari needs to change things within the team after a flawed first half of the season. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Italians need to make wholesale changes at the top.

Team boss Mattia Binotto believes that nothing needs to be changed at Ferrari. The team has already made several strategic mistakes this season, most recently at the Hungarian Grand Prix where Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz both finished off the podium. According to Formula One journalist Mark Hughes, the Italians need to find a better way of working and build trust within the team. There is no point in going back to bad habits of the past.

"Sacking the guy in charge is what Ferrari used to do, apart from in the Ross Brawn/Jean Todt era, and it led to a sequence of the team falling ever further and further back, and the whole place operating under a culture of fear," the Briton tells The Race.

'To sack Binotto is the wrong way of thinking'

Ferrari are way behind in the Constructors' Championship. It will be difficult to beat Red Bull Racing in the second half of the season. Various pundits and fans believe that Binotto and parts of the strategic team should be sacked, but according to Hughes, that is not the solution. "What Binotto has done is change that. I think he’s got a lot more right than he’s got wrong. To sack the man in charge because things have gone wrong would be absolutely the wrong way of thinking.”

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