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Alesi impressed by Perez, but sees nobody stopping Verstappen

Alesi impressed by Perez, but sees nobody stopping Verstappen

16-08-2022 13:19 Last update: 13:49


Max Verstappen seems to be well on his way to his second world title. Jean Alesi expects the Dutchman to run away with victory in the championship, although the sport can be unpredictable.

"Well, there’s no question about the numbers. They have a big lead. That gives confidence to a driver with already massive confidence. He has a strong team, they make zero mistakes. So for sure we can say they are in a good position. But it’s motorsport – everything can go wrong", Alesi tells Give Me Sports. If the former Formula 1 driver had to bet on the winner, he would still choose Verstappen and Red Bull Racing.

The Dutchman currently has a comfortable lead of eighty points, and Ferrari are also way behind in the Constructors' Championship. The Italians will therefore have to hope for mistakes from Red Bull if they are to have any chance of winning the title, because if Verstappen continues to perform consistently, Charles Leclerc cannot come close to the Dutchman.

Perez impresses

Alesi is also impressed with Perez and his hard work. "To have a teammate like Max Verstappen, I’m sure it’s not easy." According to the former F1 driver, there is no number one and two within the Red Bull team, but possible team orders will be followed. According to Alesi, this is due to the good discipline within the team.

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