Support for Binotto: Not as bad as he is being portrayed now

Support for Binotto: "Not as bad as he is being portrayed now"

15 August - 12:45 Last update: 15:09

The pressure is on for Ferrari. Ferrari has been faster than title rival Red Bull Racing in more Grands Prix, yet the gap in the World Championship for both drivers and constructors is huge. Mattia Binotto's leg is being nibbled at by the media, but Christian Danner tells know that he does not really understand it.

As team boss, Binotto is the person with the final responsibility at the Maranello-based team, but Danner believes that the Italian is the ideal person to help Ferrari get back on its feet. The former Formula One driver states that Binotto has shown this in recent years when, for example, a whole new engine had to be developed after technical directives.

Reliability problems and poor strategic choices are the two main reasons why the gap to Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing in the World Championship is immense. In Danner's opinion, Binotto should therefore not be pointed at as the culprit. The car itself is fast enough to finally win a world title in Formula 1 since 2008.

"Binotto, in particular, kept his cool during the disaster years, you have to give him credit for that. He is not as bad as he is being portrayed now," said Danner, who speaks of a precarious situation at Ferrari at the moment. "The things he has to tackle are so complex and multi-faceted - both technically and strategically. I don't even know where he should start."

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