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Dutch GP takes retirement of Verstappen into account: 'What if he stops?

Dutch GP takes retirement of Verstappen into account: 'What if he stops?

14-08-2022 09:17


The popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands has soared since the arrival of Max Verstappen. This season the Dutch Grand Prix is on the calendar for the second year in a row and circuit director Robert van Overdijk admits that the Red Bull driver has given Zandvoort the opportunity to organise a race in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, he believes Circuit Zandvoort can also be successful without Verstappen.

Verstappen may be the biggest reason why F1 travels to the Netherlands now for a Grand Prix, but the organisation is also looking beyond the hype surrounding Verstappen. The race was a huge success in 2021 despite the Covid measures, and this year even more fans are expected at Circuit Zandvoort.

"We also have to be sustainable in the sense of, 'what if Max stops in a few years, goes to drive in America or whatever?' The event must also be able to stand on its own. Everything is geared towards that", Van Overdijk tells us in conversation with Formule1.nl.

Verstappen not all decisive

Van Overdijk admits that F1 would probably not have returned to Zandvoort without Verstappen. Still, the so-called Max-factor is not all-decisive. "Because even with Max the FOM can choose from any world city. So you have to bring something else to convince them." Zandvoort in 2021 was a real festival with several artists performing. The circuit focuses a lot on fan engagement with which it can distinguish itself from the other Grands Prix.

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