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Hamilton puts Mercedes on edge: 'We can't be stubborn'

Hamilton puts Mercedes on edge: 'We can't be stubborn'

13 August - 10:17 Last update: 11:08


Lewis Hamilton is not at all satisfied with the first half of the 2022 season. While Mercedes showed progress over the months, the driver regrets that it fell behind the other teams. He therefore believes that Mercedes must work to solve the problems.

From 2014 Hamilton got used to competing for the world title every year, but that has changed this year. Mercedes saw problems with porpoising Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, among others, push them further away, leaving the German racing team to settle for the sub-top.

"I think fundamentally we have to acknowledge the others have done a better job and whichever philosophy they have taken has worked well for them," Hamilton acknowledged in conversation with Viaplay. "We have to be conscious of that moving forward, we can’t be stubborn and say ‘no, our way is definitely the way and will eventually work’, because we could wait for years for that."

Hamilton hopes for GP wins

However, in the same interview Hamilton said he is confident Mercedes will be able to win Grands Prix this year. The battle for the world championship, however, appears to be between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, with the Dutchman on the winning side.

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