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'Verstappen has a quality that Senna also mastered exceptionally'

'Verstappen has a quality that Senna also mastered exceptionally'

12 August - 14:25 Last update: 14:36


Max Verstappen is well on his way to securing his second career world title this season. Although this does not make the world championship leader the most successful driver ever, Hans-Joachim Stuck argues that Verstappen has already proven himself extensively.

The former Formula One driver enjoys the qualities of Verstappen every race weekend. According to Stuck, the driver has qualities that are reminiscent of what Ayrton Senna showed in the past, he said in an extensive interview with Eurosport.

"Max has a quality that Senna also mastered exceptionally. He is a driver who brakes last," Stuck analysed the Dutchman's qualities. "There is no one who can make things difficult for him at the moment. With his skills, he is without doubt one of the best drivers."

Stuck therefore does not expect there to be another driver to challenge Verstappen in Formula 1 this race year, which is why he believes the world title is basically forgiven. He hopes, however, that there will be more competition in the years to come.

Stuck names best six drivers ever

The German is of the opinion that Sebastian Vettel also belongs in the list of the great drivers. He names Michael Schumacher, Senna, Jackie Stewart, Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen as the best drivers that have ever been in Formula 1.

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